Hair Mite Products


The newest Demodex mite solution that has taken Australia by storm is now available worldwide.

When it comes to Demodex, Ungex is a game changer… try it for yourself today!

Not tested on animals | Demodex Mites Ungex
Natural Ingredients | Demodex Mites Ungex
Paraben Free | Demodex Mites Ungex
Sulfate Free | Demodex Mites Ungex

Product Review

“Love these products! I have been having all kinds of problems, with scalp, hair loss, (crawly feeling) ocular rosacea etc. I received this essential kit1 about four days ago. I was so excited to get this and used the first day it immediately made my scalp feel better and I was also surprised that my hair looked very nice, shiny and fill of body.

Second day I felt more confident even better. Third day no hair loss! I called the company as I had some questions regarding products and explained my problems. They were extremely helpful. Thank God for these products as doctors have not been listening to me and do not realize the suffering this can cause a person.

This is a very scary condition that I will be so relieved to be rid of. I like others with it was a bigger bottle but this product I believe deserves 5 stars because of its effectiveness. When doctors do not want to believe that your issues on a wider scale is a huge problems and a real lack of caring in the medical environment, so I am very grateful to have these products to assist me in gaining my health back.”

Carl Mickonis on Facebook.