How to Kill Demodex Mites

There are 65 different types of 8-legged mites. Two of these live in human skin—specifically in hair follicles. These mites live off the nutrients our skin needs to function properly.

How do you know if you have mites?

If you have two or more of the following conditions it’s possible you have a high density population of mites. Conditions include:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Blackheads
  • Pimples
  • Dandruff
  • Hair thinning
  • Hair loss
  • Itching or crawling sensations
  • Eczema
  • Facial discolouration

These symptoms can show in the ears, eyes, throat and scalp. There are other symptoms related to high-density Demodex mite infestation—and this is why Ungex’s products work. We take your lifestyle into account when providing you with treatment.

Another simple but effective way to know whether you have demodex mites on you or not, is by taking Ungex online test. It’s easy and will only take 10 minutes to complete.

Common problems when treating Demodex mites

Out of the 100s of people who we’ve helped we have noticed a common through-line. By the time they find our product they have gone through certain phases such as: first they go to a dermatologist and get a prescription for allergy, weak immune system or inflammation. They try these prescriptions for a couple of months and they work for a couple of months. But as soon as they stop taking the treatment the problems return.

Another problem is how much hope people put in tea tree oil.Tea tree oil will kill Demodex mites in test tube. And it’ll kill the mites in 4 minutes. But a test tube doesn’t have skin for a Demodex mite to borrow into. Tea tree oil, which prolonged exposure to isn’t good for your skin, will only kill the mites on the surface. The eggs laid underneath your skin will be unharmed—it’s also possible that after a time the mites that hatch under your skin will become resistant to tea tree oil.


Get a long-term solution for being Demodex-free

If you want to be free of your Demodex problem for life, we have a guaranteed solution for you. Ungex’s three-month care plan will be tailored to you and your lifestyle. If you follow the care plan provided you with the products, we guarantee you’ll be Demodex-free at the end of the treatment. And if you want to ensure you stay Demodex-free we sell shampoos individually so you can keep the mites away.


How to kill Demodex mites?

If you are serious about killing Demodex mites, our three-month plan is a sure-fire way of achieving success. Don’t settle for dodgy, imitation products and home remedies—purchase the service that’s going to work for you.