Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Demodex Mites?

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Health of Skin and Hair


Tea tree oil is one active ingredient in Ungex’s treatment for helping rid you of mites. However, if tea tree oil is applied too often, it will dry your skin out. And there’s no guarantee it will cure you of your Demodex mite problem.

On its own, tea tree oil is not enough to kill Demodex mites. The reason for this is simple. Demodex mites live deep within your skin. This makes it almost impossible for tea tree oil to attack the root of the problem on its own.

To kill Demodex mites for good, your skin has to get treatment for at least three months. The reason for this is that mites lay their eggs deep under follicles, and it is vital to continue your treatment for the right amount of time to make sure that the infestation is gone.

Tea Tree Oil works only on paper. When it is put into action, tea tree oil is too harsh on skin and hair to get the desired results for the long term use is needed to wipeout the mites. This also applies to other topical products that require careful steps.

In the long run, Tea Tree Oil can cause damage to the skin, and prove to be more harmful than helpful.


Demodex mites, tea tree oil and how Ungex can help you

While it is a nice idea to go to the shops and get some tea tree oil to solve your skin complaints; this won’t have any long-term effects. Essentially, it’s a waste of money for Demodex mite treatment.

The last point about home remedies is that some products can actually feed mites instead of killing them.

For example, if you dilute Tea Tree Oil with another oil or cream (as many home remedies recommend), not only may it not adequately kill the mites but instead feed them further nutrients and waste your time and heartache on the trial and error of things successfully helping ease your condition.

The best way to solve your Demodex mite related skin complaints is to contact Ungex. A consultation with one of our team members can ascertain how our products can help you, and provide you with a realistic expectation of treatment length.

Ungex products not only have the right blend of herbal ingredients to help kill mites, but they are also kind to your skin for the duration of treatment.

As long as products are used for a minimum of 3 months (length varies according to severity of infestation) we do guarantee to aid in Demodex elimination.

Ungex helps to provide the correct product and framework for you to get the support to ensure you are well on your way to becoming Demodex free.


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